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  • Information Wars

    Information Wars

    Information war in a broad sense is using of information to achieve national goals. It refers to all warfare, non-war actions taken by information technology (IT) or information technology forces, in which the IT operation has primarily responsible, information plays a main role. It includes not only the military but also other fields such as politics, economics, culture, property and spirituality. Thus, the IT is understood to take place on the “battlefield”, in which conflicts between countries occur at the strategic level and “other activities with war” are proceeding.

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  • Cloud computing

    Cloud computing

    Analyses of Cloud Computing technology and information security in the use of cloud computing; evaluations about cloud computing technology models which suitable to Vietnamese enterprises and the capability of enterprises and organizations in Vietnam to deploy cloud computing applications.

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  • Prevention of spam

    Prevention of spam

    Introduce measures for state management to prevent and restrict spam in Vietnam; Analyse the situation of spam in Vietnam and around the world, Give experiences in preventing spam of some countries and warnings for users of telecommunication services to prevent and handle spams.

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  • Implement Cipher Law

    Implement Cipher Law

    The promulgated Cipher Law institutionalized the views and policies of the Party and State on cipher; This is an important legal foundation of the state management in cipher, contributing to establish, consolidate and develop Vietnam Cipher to become official, modern, proactive in the new situation. The process of implementing the Cipher Law has gained important results, contributing to the consolidation and development of the Government Cipher Committee and the Cipher department, meet the requirements and missions that the Party and the Government assigned.

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  • Secure Finance-Banking information

    Secure Finance-Banking information

    The complex situation of high-tech crime increases the risk of losing control in information security in Vietnam. Therefore, activities to ensure information security in finance — banking becomes more and more important and directly affects the interests of organizations and individuals involving in electronic transactions in the Internet.

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  • Monitor network security

    Monitor network security

    Information security monitoring plays an important role, contributes to enhance the capacity of information security, promptly detect cyberattacks, react and take corrective measures against the attacks which can cause unpredictable consequences.

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  • Introduce the Law on Information Security

    Introduce the Law on Information Security

    Network information security law is the first step to complete the legal framework on information security synchronously and feasibly; Maximize resources to ensure network information security; Protect the legitimate rights and interests of organizations and individuals; Meet the requirements of social economic development, national defence and security.

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